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Must read books in 2018 to Change your Life

Are you looking for must-read books to change your life or your business?  I decided to go on the hunt for books business owners recommended as life-changing.  Or books that people said made a major difference in their mindset. Note this page contains affiliate links...

15 Must Take Courses under $20 for New Entrepreneurs

I took a lot of courses when I started my entrepreneur journey. I believe taking the number of courses I did allow me to leave my 9-5 six-figure job and have a successful blogging and freelance business. A lot of the courses I took were really expensive and some were...

How to Start A Blog in 2019 (A Free Beginner’s Guide)

How to Start A Blog in 2019 (A Free Beginner’s Guide)

Have you considered starting a blog but didn't know where to start? Well I got you covered with all the details on How to Start Your First Blog in 2019 (A Free Beginner's Guide) Note: If you decide to purchase anything (using the links below) you’ll be financially...

3 Habits Of Successful People

3 Habits Of Successful People

What do positive people have in common? If you look at the most successful people - Top athletes, CEOs, artists - they actually have traits in common. So we can break down these traits and work backward to discover some of the most important traits and habits we need...

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