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Your website is your client’s or customer’s first impression of whether they want to follow you or hire you.  Make these 17 tweaks to your website to go from Blah to Awesome. If you don’t capture your visitor’s attention within a few seconds, she’s very likely to click off the page—never to return.

You can create a website that attracts visitors, converts clients, and helps you build an awesome business.

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Easy To Navigate

Make sure your visitors can find their way around your website quickly and easily. If you’re uncertain about how to accomplish this, then study websites that you visit often. Notice how they guide you through the site. Do they provide relevant and easy to recognize navigation tabs? Does the flow of the site seem logical? Is there a search function so you can head directly to the page or information you’re looking for?

Obvious Target Market

Who is your target market, and when they visit your site is it obvious that you’re talking to them? Your target market is the people who your products and services are designed to help. They’re the people whose problems you solve.

Create an ideal prospect and then craft your website to appeal to that ideal prospect.

Killer About Page

Your “About” page can include a number of pieces of information.  Consider including information about your company’s vision and mission. Let people get to know the real you and why you are awesome.
Share your personal story here. Let your potential clients know:

  • Who you work with and why you chose that market
  • The personal experiences that drove your decision to start your business in your niche
  • Your successes—and why you’re great
  • Your failures—which also perfectly illustrate why you’re the best choice for your ideal client
  • Your goals and dreams and future plans

This page gives your readers a sense of who you are, so she will instantly know if you’re someone she wants to work with.

The Right Branding

Create the right look and feel to attract your target customer – this includes colors and logos.  To create your blog I find Divi to be easy to work with and you can use one of their professionally designed templates to create a beautiful site in 10 mins.

Contact Page

The contact page should include your contact information even if it’s already been published elsewhere on your site. Include name, phone numbers, email addresses and physical address. Also, consider including any social media links on this page.

Social Sharing

Social Sharing not only adds value to your visitors and prospects, it also helps boost your traffic and brand awareness. You can add buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more using Social Warfare.   This can help increase your blog traffic.  Be sure you’re featuring the bookmarking sites that appeal most to your audience.

Catchy Content

The single most important thing you can do to transform from bland to awesome to create the best content possible. No one likes boring lame content so don’t create it.

Awesome Free Downloads

How doesn’t like free awesome stuff?  Freebies are appreciated by just about everyone.. Your free content needs to provide unique value to each prospect. It should solve a problem in an organized and efficient manner. Some of the best freebie downloads are simple – calendar, ebook, checklist, or even a downloadable worksheet.   Remember to brand your free downloads.  You’ll need an email provider to send out your emails.  I recommend Active Campaign, Convertkit or Convertkit

A Sales Funnel

Your freebies should lead your customers into buying your product or service.  You can use Infographics to drive traffic to your sales funnel.

Great Headlines

Headlines are the first words your visitor see and the more compelling and relevant they are the better.  Practice writing headlines. Test headlines to determine what your prospects respond to.


Testimonials are money in the bank. They’re mini sales pitches made on your behalf by a satisfied customer. Who better to promote you and sell your services than an unbiased customer? Use these testimonials wisely and place them strategically on your website.

Effective Calls To Action

Include a call to action in every single piece of content you publish on your website – even if you merely want someone to stay on your site and read some more. Tell your visitors what to do next and help guide them through your site step by step.


USP stands for unique selling proposition. It’s what makes you different. How do you separate yourself from your competition? What do you do better or differently from them? Integrate your USP into your voice, branding, and content online.


SEO is search engine optimization. It’s the strategy and toolbox of tactics that drive traffic to your website. There are many tactics to embrace including linking, keywords, content, social media and more.


Analytics will not only help you fine-tune your SEO strategy, it’ll help you build stronger relationships, better understand your clients and prospects, and it will help you create highly targeted content. Analytics is essentially a program that helps track every single visitor activity on your website.


Make sure your customers’ information is protected by an appropriate level of technology. Using a secure shopping cart and payment system and use an SSL.

Fast Load Times

Invest in a good web host like Siteground and make sure the graphics you’re uploading aren’t so large they slow download times. People are impatient and generally, won’t wait more than a few seconds for a site to load.

Visual Interest

With good design elements and attractive and relevant graphics strategically placed throughout, you’ll create a website that is beautiful to look at as well as useful. Work with a designer to get an attractive and balanced site.

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