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If you are overwhelmed by starting an email list this post is for you.  The most common mistake people make, when going into business online, is putting off building a list till “later”.  You might think you shouldn’t start building a list because you don’t have a product or you think no one will want to join your list.

Here’s a little secret – people with large email lists have just put more effort into their list than you.

The time to start building your email list is now.  Not after you become “famous”.

Building an email list is about building a list of people you can help.  You are just ahead of them in your topic and you can provide them with help and solutions.

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The good thing is you can start an email list today – a list you can use to grow your blog income over time.


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Create a Perfect Landing Page

A powerful landing page with a focused message can capture more subscribers than sending traffic to a website home page.

What is a “landing” page or “squeeze” page?

It’s simply a page that is focused on inspiring the visitor to take a single, specific action, such as:

In short, take any action you direct them to take.

A strong landing page doesn’t contain anything except your message and your call to action (plus any supporting images or videos, of course).

The best way to make sure you have a strong landing page:

  1. Include a powerful headline that identifies something that’s a big problem for them and promise a solution
  2. Identify their problem
  3. Promise a solution
  4. Tell them what to do to get it (“take the quiz”; “download the book”; get your cheat sheet”)
  5. Put your call to action in a highly noticeable form or button

The Landing Page builders I use and love are LeadPages, Clickfunnels, and ThriveTheme.

Have A Way To Capture Emails

Building an email list is not about selling.  It’s about helping.  It’s about making a connection.

Here’s how it typically works. Your ideal reader searches for a solution to a problem. They come across your post or a free resource.  They like the solution you have but if you have no way to capture their email the visitor will leave your website and soon forget all about you.

You need to provide a place for the visitor to sign up to receive more information.  I recommend using Mailerlite,  ActiveCampaign or ConvertKit.

Create The Right Freebie

Visitors will not easily give up their email.  You need to create a Freebie that solves a problem for your ideal customer.

A quiz can be a fun way to create this opt in.  People love quizzes and complete them out of curiosity, interest, and boredom – whatever works right?

A quiz should grab attention, hit your ideal client’s pain points, and help you build your emails by offering an incentive to take the quiz. Your ideal customer can learn about themselves, their money, and their brand.

Create a Follow-up Sequence

After a visitor registers follow-up with tips, tricks, entertainment and solutions to build like, know and trust.

Build a relationship around connecting and helping.

After someone enters your email list set-up a sequence to send an email 2 or 3 days later asking if they’ve had time to download their gift, and reminding them how to contact you if they are having any problems or want to ask a question.

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Make Use of the Thank You Page

The Thank you page should be more than a place to just say "Thank You".  It can be a place to share a video of how the visitor can use your Freebie.  What is the next step for them to move along your sales funnel.

I recommend this tool to create an incentive for visitors to share your offer.

Create Your List Building Idea

Now the key is to focus on what you are good at.  I'm personally the most comfortable with Facebook Ads.  But here are ideas of where to share your freebie

  • YouTube Videos
  • Guest Posts
  • Facebook Groups
  • Pinterest




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