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You’ve been hitting the Instagram grid game HARD.

Snapping selfies.

Hashtagging like a mofo.

But even with your Instagram story game “on point “you still can’t figure out how to get customers to buy your stuff, sign up for your programs or at least book a simple, darn discovery call.

Well, no more my friend.

Recently I helped some Instagrammers add a big bag of punchy personality to their profile.


You need to convince your customers that YOU can help them.  That sentence is a bit much on the “you” – but it’s true.

Note this page contains affiliate links which means I make a commission at no additional cost to you if you purchase.


But first, here are my key tips.  This is only for bio copy – if you need help with stock photos I recommend these.


This doesn’t mean talk about YOU.  It means add the word YOU in your profile so your customer knows you are talking about them.  Your customer needs to know what awesome thing you have that can help them.

Give a Quick Win

What one tip can you package up and give your ideal customer a peek into your awesomeness.  Bundle it up and create an Opt-In or ask people to DM you.

Solve a Problem

Your ideal customer has some problem that they might not even realize.  Your bio copy needs to draw them is so they say “dang this girl is talking to me – she’s got what I need”

Add Emojis

Emojis make your profile fun and related.  Grab some at https://emojipedia.org/

Without any more of the technical blah blah here are the bios you can copy and paste right now to start the lead train a’ chugging.

Separated by what you do. 💕💕

Steal this Instagram Bio copy and start getting more customers from Instagram

Example Bios You can Steal

Essential Oils

Ready to ditch the chemicals and feel awesome naturally? Grab my “bye-bye chemicals class here.

Dump the chemicals and have so much energy you can stay up past 9pm using essential oils.

Health and Fitness Coach

Hey busy mamas want my 5 min secret to stop the wine habit and fit back in that sexy black dress/those jeans in the bottom drawer”

Ready to stop feeling like crap and feel like your 20-year old self? Grab my “OMG I feel amazing” checklist.

Ready to get back into your pre-baby jeans? Grab my “say buh bye to yoga pants”7-day workout.


Vacation and Wedding pictures so good you’ll be Instafeature.

Want to know the secret to amazing wedding photos? Grab my ‘best wedding photos ev-va” checklist

Want wedding photos that are so good they are reshared on Instagram? Grab my “OMG I want to look like that” checklist.

Forever starts on your wedding day. Capturing your dream worthy once in a lifetime love story.

Capturing envy-worthy family photos with ease even if your daily life is “didn’t shower today” crazy.

Get “OMG I love her blog” photos that make your ideal client DM you.

Interior Design

Helping busy moms have a home so beautiful guests will wonder if you really have kids.

Helping busy moms have a living room so organized the pin images goes viral.

Hair Stylist

I give you the perfect hair color so all your friends wonder if you lost weight


I help introverts be more visible online. Don’t be shy grab my free “Be seen” guide.

Don’t see one you can use yet?  Drop your Insta below and I’ll add one for you.





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