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Last night I was reading through a few Facebook groups and came across a post that went something like…..
“OMG I just realized I’m on track to make $50k this month” 🎉🎉

Yes emojis where included.

But here’s the annoying part…

That was the end of the post!  Ugh, Why do people do this?

Now I had to turn on notifications, sort through all the money-focused gifs, and wait for the original poster to come back and say the “how”.

Finally, later she came back and gave more detail.

I’ll give you the highlights:

– join a mastermind
– learn skills people need
– charge more
– show people the value
– form a mastermind

I agree with all of the above.  I just wished when people write those OMG posts they remember what it’s like to be on the other side and share how it was done.

You don’t just bust out a $50k/month on accident.

There were a lot of steps to getting there.  It’s a combination of inner work and outer work.

If you need more skills get them.

If you need help with your money mindset I highly recommend these 2 books.

You’re a badass at making money – this book taught me that I was focused on I had to work a 9-5 to make money.  I changed that and left my 9-5 on 2/1.

Overcoming Underearning – this book showed me how to get paid my worth and raise my prices fast!


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