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Hey Virtual Assistants and Social Media Managers!

Are You Ready to Make More Money?

Not Making The Money You Want?

You’re not alone—but you don’t have to stay there…

You’re tired of trading dollars for hours, and frustrated with trying to grow your business…

Are You…

14 Sick of the 9-5?

You know there has to be a better way – You aren’t living the life you want.

14 Hustling Online

You started dabbling in blogging, social media, and Facebook Groups but still have no sales or clients.

14 Overwhelmed with what to work on?

Every day you hear you should be posting here and there and you are spinning your wheels.

14 Scared of Selling?

You wish sales and customers could come to you on autopilot instead of having to feel like you are always chasing customers.

14 Looking for Systems?

You wish you had a step by step roadmap of how to find people interested in your products and turn them into customers.

14 Worrying You Know Nothing About Marketing?

Afraid that everyone understands how making money online works except you.

I Get It!

Not long ago I was struggling with how to make my physical products business profitable.  I had a ton of inventory that wasn’t selling and had spent tons of time on social media.

Then one day I figured out that other people online were looking for help with their sales and if I could crack the code I could find clients and create a career I was proud of.

You’re Feeling Frustrated!

It’s not your fault.  You are trying to get clients based on your current skills.  However, now is the time clients are looking for marketing skills so they can grow their online business.

What specific skills do you need to achieve your income and business goals? And maybe more importantly, how will you do them?

Today’s Local Businesses, Online Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Health Professionals need help with:

  • Sales Funnels
  • Lead Generation (Digital Advertising)
  • Getting more Traffic, Leads and Sales!

You can learn these skills too!

It’s time to stop sitting on the sidelines of admin work, posting images, and answering emails and become a

Mega Monster Marketer

In the Mega Monster Marketing System You Get

My exact system I’ve used to get clients and help them with – Facebook ads, sales funnels, and copywriting.

Jump months ahead in your training and start offering higher value services to clients!

I’m really grateful for your course and the knowledge I’ve gained in one day. Your course was magical. I can’t scream loud enough the relief I feel regarding what I didn’t know and now I know from your course. I don’t have the fear hanging on me. Yes there’s always going to be fear but this has helped me move forward. Get unstuck.


Here’s what you’ll get in the

11 Module Mega Monster Marketing Course

Module 1 – 2: Building the Business of Your Dreams

It all starts here. You know exactly where you want to be. All you need is a path, and that’s what module one is all about. You’ll discover…

  • How to Get Started If You Haven’t Launched Your Business
  • How to Focus Your Mindset and Build the Confidence to Reach Your Money Goals
  • How to Create the Perfect Monster Offer So Your Ideal Clients Can’t Wait to Hire You – this is the one thing that sets you apart from all the others, and when you get this right, you’ll be flooded with new opportunities!
  • How to learn the proper Time Management steps so you can maximize your success

You’ll also learn the 3 Step Road Map for Success.  Follow these steps to build the business that will allow you to

  • Work from home
  • Travel
  • Set Your Own Hours
  • Pick Your Clients

Module 3: Learn All About Funnels

Learn the ideal steps to convert a visitor into a paying customer—how to build a relationship with customers on autopilot.

  • Why you need to get in the mind of your ideal customer—and how this strategy translates to long-term growth and income opportunities.
  • Critical components every successful funnel must have—ensure all the pieces are in place to get sales for your customers.

Module 4-7: Tools to Build Funnels

No matter how much you spend on your ad campaign, you need to have the right tools and steps for success. The key here is to design and create an incentive that will have your ideal clients drooling. In module 4 we’ll cover…

  • Discover what your perfect client really wants
  • The 5 most popular types of offers—These work in every industry and niche, and they’re easy to create, too!
  • The easy way to create an opt-in offer FAST
  • How to create an opt-in page that converts—the most valuable incentive in your industry won’t work if your opt-in page is unappealing.
  • Two tools that make quick work of creating beautiful opt-in pages
  • Elements every opt-in page must have—miss even one of these, and you’ll lose potential subscribers!
  • Step-by-step instructions for creating your funnels—no more technical stumbling blocks!
  • What to include in your follow-up emails—this is the start of your relationship building, so it’s critical to get this right.

Module 8 Ads Monster

Learn to run and create ads for your and your clients.…

  • How easy it is to navigate the scary technical stuff—I’ll walk you through it in a way that makes perfect sense (even if you’re a total technophobe).
  • How pixels work—and how to create and use them.
  • How to track your results—because unless you know what isn’t working, you can’t begin to fix it.
  • The key element of a truly irresistible offer—seed your funnel with this, and you simply cannot fail!
  • The magic of retargeting—and how this powerful tool can keep you in front of the most interested audiences automatically.


Module 9 Copywriting

I’ll walk you through the whole process of getting started with copywriting formulas, tips and tricks.

By the end of this module, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand exactly what copywriting is and how it plays a role in the success of your business
  • Identify different ways you can use copywriting RIGHT NOW to improve your business and create ads for your clients
  • Apply the techniques that great copywriters use to improve their conversions
  • Use several copywriting formulas that have been proven to convert passive readers to buyers

Module 10 How to Find and Report Results to Clients

I’ll show you how to set yourself up to attract the perfect clients, where to find more clients and how to report advertising and campaign results to your clients.

By now you know that you can’t continue to grow your business solely trading dollars for hours.

This course is your first step in your quest to…

  • Land more clients—get the skills clients are looking for now and stop wondering where the next client is coming from.
  • Meet your lifestyle goals—family time, vacations, and other important things can be a part of your future
  • Secure your future—true freedom comes from not having to rely on your ability to trade dollars for hours
  • Get the confidence to take clients and know the backend of running ads and funnels.

Stop settling for the status quo, and discover the secret to up-leveling your business—and your life!

I am from the Philippines and live in Davao City. Heather’s lessons are not only specific for North America, you can take this virtual assistant training from anywhere in the world. I started my VA business in 2008 but recently, I noticed that competition has been tough. I thought I had this but then I realized that I may have been left behind and haven’t been innovative in learning new skills. Meeting Heather (special mention to a friend who introduced me to Heather, thank you!) was the best thing that happened to me and my business, I know for a fact that I could not have done this on my own. My business has taken a whole new direction and I’ve gained more confidence in the services that I’m offering. I highly recommend Heather’s courses to anyone and everyone who dreams of being your own boss – Success is on your way!

She' Paican

Here’s the thing. All the dreaming in the world won’t build a business. You have to take the steps to turn those dreams into your reality.

You see, it’s hard to find the path from where you are now to where you want to be. There are dozens—maybe hundreds—of false trails. There are pitfalls and hidden obstacles along the way.

And unless you have an accurate roadmap, it’s easy to lose your way.

Marketing skills are in demand and what clients need and want now!  You can learn these skills and become a Mega Monster Marketer.

I'm Super Busy How Long Are The Videos And Modules?

I understand!  The modules and videos are straight and to the point.  They can be watched in small 5-15 min time chunks and doesn’t include a ton of fluff and wasted time.

I don't know anything about funnels is this course for me?

Absolutely!  I walk you through what a funnel is and why customers need it.  I also show you why clients will pay more for people who provide these services.

Will I get Support?

Absolutely!  You’ll have access to the Mega Monster Marketing private Facebook group where me and other members will help answer your questions.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes! You have a 30-day money back guarantee.

Mega Monster Marketing

Become the Marketer that will Let You Live the Life Of Your Dreams

This easy-to-follow, 10-module course is packed with ideas and actionable steps designed to help you effortlessly move from dreamer to successful entrepreneur.

No more struggling to find the path. No more getting lost or sidetracked. No more settling for less than you deserve.

No more daydreaming. Because who needs dreams when your reality is exactly what you’ve always wanted?

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