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Sometimes you have to part ways with old hosts.  It’s sad but true.

I decided to move my website host because my old host did not offer free SSL and it was a complete pain to install an SSL manually.  Plus they charged me to install it.  No thanks my friend.

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So I’m going to show you how I moved my WordPress site to Siteground.

I found a video that helps walk through most of using the Duplicator Plug in but some steps were missing that I added screenshots for you.

Siteground does offer free transfer so you should definitely try that if you are scared.  I first tried with a demo site to make sure I new what I was doing.

Install the Duplicator Plugin

and make sure you activate

Here’s a video that walks through the process.

Now go to Duplicator > Packages

Then select create new

Click Next


Make sure everything is GOOD then click Build

This might take a while.  Do not close the tab while it’s building.

When finished download each file by clicking Installer and Archive OR click the One click download.

Now head over to siteground and  I use the grow big plan.

Then go to your cpanel.

Then file manager


Open up the home directory

Select the public then Add New folder then create a new folder with the domain name

Now Open that new folder and copy in both the installer and the zip file.

I found some instructions that gave you a step in between so you had zero down time.  However I found it was just easier for me to change the nameservers now.  I did have to refresh the domain under I could see the nameservers were changed before running the reinstall.  So if you want to try that way I’m not much help 🙁

If you are ok with a little down time keep reading.

Now change the nameservers for your domain.  In name cheap this easy.  But if you are using your older host you’ll have to call them to find out how.

In siteground you can find the nameservers you need to repoint your domain to under My account.

Change the name servers and refresh your domain until it’s no longer found – it means it’s now pointing at Siteground and time to reload.

Go to yourdomain.com/installer.php (replace with your domain)

So mine was doerentrepreneur.com/installer.php

Then I was able to follow the rest of the steps in the video.








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