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Like every social media Platform, Pinterest is always making changes.

I watched an interview with Tailwind and Pinterest and summarized the most recent updates.

Here are the biggest and best changes:

Time of Day to Pin

  • The time of day you pin does not matter

Follower’s Tab

  • Pinterest now has a following tab where users can go to see content from people they follow
    • The first 5 pin rule –  in the event you pin a ton of pins at once. they will only show the first 5 pins of the day (starting at midnight UTC) to not over spam a user
    • They will show the rest of your pins after showing other people the user follows
    • Even if the user comes on later in the day they will start with your first 5 of the day
  • They continue to show other content users might (not followed)

How much should you pin

  • There is no such thing as pinning too much but they prefer consistency


  • Comments that used to be across the same pin are now combined – you can also like and engaged on a comment


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When you save a new pin on Pinterest, Pinterest will

  • show it to your followers first
  • after Pinterest sees which pins are getting good engagement, then distribute to other’s feeds by recommending to home feeds, related search results, related pins.
  • The best you can do is make sure
    • it’s engaging for your followers (tells Pinterest to send out more)
    • Use good SEO so Pinterest knows which search results to show it on.
  • Don’t delete old pins – it won’t bring your whole account down
  • Backlinks to boards or pins don’t matter in Pinterest


Where to use Keywords –

  • in pin description
  • think of pinner’s mindset meaning everything a pinner is searching for and how they would use the product you are pinning.
  • Board titles, board descriptions, and your profile description – they help the pin be found, save to the most relevant board first.  The pin description should match the keyword in the blog post title
  • Doesn’t matter what you name the pin when you save it.

Pinterest loves fresh content

  • new blog post new pin, or old post and new pin
  • The image on your pin doesn’t have to be an mirror image of something on the page.  More about description matches title of the page

Schedulers Yes or No

There is no different to Pinterest if you use a schedule or if you pin manually.  So it’s ok to use Tailwind or Boardbooster to get your pins out.  But they do recommend logging in so you can use like a consumer.  You are active if you save content.  Just make use you claim your website and use a business account.  They give preference to the pinner pinning their own pin that is linked to their website.  If you need a strategy on how you can maximum your pins without spending all day on Pinterest I can help.

Pin more than once?

  • Ok to pin to the same board more than once – Yes – should have a unique description, should be spaced apart


  • To get more followers – followers only represent a small percentage of total people you reach.  Quality of your pins is more important than quantity.  Add follow button to your blog.  Emb your pin so they can easily comment


  • Hashtags – Get more distribution the first day when they are saved to Pinterest.  Up to 20.  Quality over quantity.  People are searching hashtag and clicking on them.  Don’t add to old pins, Pinterest is focusing on only fresh pins.

Local Business

  • Can a local business use Pinterest? 200 million monthly active users, optimize based on geographic terms, profile name

Pin Size

  • Optimized size – 600 X 900 best, 600 x 1260 – will work but will be cut off later

Pin Images

  • The old rumor that faces work better or worse – there is no hard and fast rule
  • Lifestyle images seem to work better, users like to see how they would use it, get a feel for the product
  • Should you pin other people’s content – start with your own content, make you focus on fresh and consistent, there is no magic ratio of pinning your own versus others
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