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What can a hamburger teach you about working online?  I know…crazy but hear me out.

I don’t eat meat myself but you can still relate even if you’re vegan.

You know the saying, “location, location, location”.  It’s what people say is the key to a successful business.

“But, Heather how the heck does this work when I’m trying to start an online business?”  you ask.

Whoa, my friend let me explain.

Gary Halbert was one of the best copywriters of all time.  He said that if he was going to open a hamburger joint and he could pick a special advantage over others like:

– secret sauce (yum)
– great burgers
– a big ad budget
– location

Gary would pick “a starving crowd”.

Wait, what?

Let’s think about this, even if you have a great location, the bestest burger evvv-va, or the #1 secret sauce…if you have no hungry peeps no one will buy.

It kind of reminds me of how people are launching their online businesses today.  If you don’t have a skill people are “hangry for” no one will buy your stuff.

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