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Are you finally ready to join influencers in your industry and attract leads and sales to your business? 

How to Bring Clients and Customers to You....  

In Less than 20 Minutes a Week on Social Media

If You Are a Copywriter, Blogger or Service Profession but need more Clients....then this is going to be the answer to getting leads to come to you.

Gurus love to talk about how easy it is to grow an online business where you can 

  • travel the world
  • Work from anywhere
  • Quit Your 9-5
  •  Live Your Purpose
  • Manifest Clients by Just Writing in Your Bullet Journal

You have to put the systems in place to attract clients to YOU! I cracked the code on how to setup a client generation systems that taps into social media traffic machines and brings YOU customers fast.

Here's how I was able to leave my 6-figure 9-5 job and can help you make the income you want from your business.

During 2010-2011, I went through the worse time in my life, my mom passed away and I had a miscarriage and I'm pretty sure I was on the end of a nervous breakdown. 

Once my daughter was born in 2013, I thought I could finally learn to be happy inspite of the last few years.

One night, I put my daughter to sleep and sat on the floor and and started crying. I was stressed out juggling a new baby, a 9-5 job I hated, with a boss I hated more, and I wondered how I got this way.  

I thought I was smart and why couldn't I figure out a way to make money from home in a business I loved? 

I worked for 2 years studying, taking courses (that cost thousands), getting clients, and finally on 2/1/18 I worked the last day at the job I hated. 

I don't want you to have to go through the same time and money to get your dream business generating the income you want.

I teach you the exact skills you need to get traffic to your products and start making more sales. I even show you how you can get clients.

After over 20 years working on Business Processes for fortune 500 businesses I brought my skills to digital marketing.

Hi I'm Heather.

Working with me my clients have:

- Helped Generate $500k in annual sales

- 5 figure/monthly campaigns *

- 12 times ad spend returns *

- Built automated lead generation funnels that send customers on autopilot *

Now I teach you techinical skills the easy way to set up your own Lead Generation Campaigns.

* results not guaranteed, it takes work.

Introducing The Client A.T.T.R.A.C.T System  

A Step-by-Step Framework to Have Clients Coming to You

With my Client A.T.T.R.A.C.T System you Learn how to Position Yourself as an expert by:

A - Authority - your ideal customer wants answers to their problems, position yourself as the expert that can do just that

T - Transformation - learn the steps to go from tech overwhelmed to confident business owner

T - Traffic - in order to make sales you need customers to find you. My systems gets you more traffic to your offers

R - Resolve - Show your ideal customer how to solve their problems.

A - Automation - the key to gaining control of your schedule is to use automation so you only spend less than 45 mins on social media a week.

C - Copy - I show you how to put the right words on the page and in posts to have customers pulling out their credit card.

T - Templates - Using my custom plug and go templates to cold pitch or reach out to companies you want to work with.

Learn my Super Social Media Sales Funnel Strategy to Generate Traffic Everyday even while you sleep

What's included inside...


Tap into free traffic generation machine that next complain, ask for a raise or take a vacation.

You just need my simple strategy that takes less than 20 mins a week to tap 200 million monthly viewers.  


People think email marketing is dead. Well my friend that is not true! Think about how many times you check your email.

I'll show you the right emails to send your clients and how to say it so you connect with them.


You'll set up a landing page that speaks to your customer's problems and let's them know you can help them easy and without begging.


How to:

Add a payment gateway, connect an autoresponder, create a funnel, connect your autoresponder to your optin button, test your funnel, connect your funnel to your wordpress blog


How to: 

How to use paid traffic to create ads that get shared, comments and clients..


How to  

Use one of the best and easiest Wordpress templates to get a website launched in 10 minutes.


How to  

Launch Your Own Affiliate Program for Your Digital Product. Have afffiliates lining up to promote your products for you.

Coming by 5/15 - How to Get Leads from FB groups

It's Time to Stop Chasing Clients and Have them Coming to You

Join over 200 Students Who Are Now Using My A.T.T.R.A.C.T system

You'll receive access to the above lessons

Normal price: $27/month  

Your price: Only $297

How Can I See An Example Video?

What Customers are Saying

"Very valuable info. I have been watching for approximately 5 minutes, and already know how to do three things I didn't know how to do before. Seriously awesome!" - Tara B.  

"After I watched the trainings I felt like a weight had been lifted. The fear of not knowing the next steps to move forward was completely relieved." - Chrissy S.

"Learning about sales funnels was stressful until I met Heather. Her teaching is direct and straight to the point. She brakes everything about sale funnels down to the science which makes it super easy to understand." - Eddie O.


Send me your issue and I will work to get a video up within 3 business days.