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What’s the secret to going viral? This is the exact fill-in-the-blank “cheat sheet” that Rachel Miller has used to create more than 20 VIRALS (each more than 1 million post engagements)!!!  Grab the list for FREE!

(Note this page contains affiliates links for Rachel’s program which means I make a commission at no cost to you.  But I used and loved it!)

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I will give you my exact system I’ve used to get clients and help them with.

Facebook ads, sales funnels, pinterest and copywriting. Skip months ahead of the course. My course goes for $997 and you can get it FREE if you purchase Rachel’s program with my link.

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I’ll share my exact strategy that got a Pin to go viral over 275k shares!

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I am from the Philippines and live in Davao City. Heather’s lessons are not only specific for North America, you can take this virtual assistant training from anywhere in the world. I started my VA business in 2008 but recently, I noticed that competition has been tough. I thought I had this but then I realized that I may have been left behind and haven’t been innovative in learning new skills. Meeting Heather (special mention to a friend who introduced me to Heather, thank you!) was the best thing that happened to me and my business, I know for a fact that I could not have done this on my own. My business has taken a whole new direction and I’ve gained more confidence in the services that I’m offering. I highly recommend Heather’s courses to anyone and everyone who dreams of being your own boss – Success is on your way!

Sheryl Paican

Would you like to jump months ahead in your training and start offering higher value services to clients?  I’ll give you access to my coaching group and help you weekly!  Like Christina –

I’m really grateful for your course and the knowledge I’ve gained in one day. Your course was magical. I can’t scream loud enough the relief I feel regarding what I didn’t know and now I know from your course. I don’t have the fear hanging on me. Yes there’s always going to be fear but this has helped me move forward. Get unstuck.

Christina S

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