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Vision boards can greatly help want to be entrepreneurs to realize their dream businesses and reach their full potential. A vision board is a tool used to bring focus into specific steps, achievements, and call to actions to be able to reach your ultimate goal. It works kind of like a checklist or a to do list, only vision boards include images that are relevant to key goals which makes a you more encouraged to work for it.

Here’s how you can make an awesome vision board for your dream business and make some happiness happen.

Identify your goals

Think about one specific goal that you want to achieve. Think about where you want to be 5 years from now.  Think about what makes you happy and what you stretch goals are.

Find images and words that represent your goals

Here’s what you will need: a blank board (a cork board can do), glue or pins, markers, colorful paper, and image cutouts. You can get image cutouts from old magazines, newspapers, and even brand labels. You don’t need to spend money in building your vision board.

Categorize your images

Personally, I’d prefer vision boards with small labels on it. But it is clearly up to you how you would want your vision board to look like. Create spaces for your main goals and short-term goals. You could also include the steps you need to take in order to achieve a certain goal. Try adding inspirational quotes that will get you going in reaching for your goals.Make the vision board reflect your personality as well – you need to see yourself in the goal.

Put your vision board where you can see every day

You can put the vision board on your desk and place a glass over it to keep it in place. If it is too big, hang it against your wall near or by your desk.  This is a great reminder of what you are working so hard for.

Create a “make it better” list

If you think you need to improve on your time management skills, set a challenge for yourself that requires you to follow a strict daily timeline for a whole week. And if you focus on this the more likely that you will get there. Same thing goes for items like budgeting, interpersonal skills, or writing

Determine where you are now and how you can improve

What are the things that you have achieved so far? What are the factors you see as hindrances in your progress? Do you have habits that need to be forgotten? What takes you so long in accomplishing something? List down the things that slow you down in your journey towards your goal. Then think about ways for you to improve so you could be steps closer in achieving and maintaining your dream business.

Update your vision board as meet your goals

If you feel stuck go back to your vision board to help you get back on track. Check if you already achieved something from the images you have pasted – you can cross out the things you already accomplished in the board so you get that much needed sense of fulfillment.

Ok it’s time to create your dream board now and create your path to your dream business.


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