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5 Reasons to do Business with Heather

  • Private Group of Elite Marketers: I belong to two private groups of elite marketers specializing in customer acquisition through Facebook, Instagram & YouTube.
  • Patient/Customer Acquisition Master: I’ve completed specialized training (continuing education) in effective strategies used by Elite Marketers to acquire new business from Social Media.  I focus at least 3 hours a week on new social media strategies, copywriting and analytics.
  • Professional: CPA, Real Estate Broker that has turned my focus on Marketing.  A professional that knows business.
  • Immediate Results: You will see an immediate return when working with me.
  • An Asset: Your practice will be partnering with someone who will be an asset to your bottom line.
  • Skills: Active Campaign, Mail Chimp, Aweber, LeadPages, Clickfunnels, WordPress (Divi), Facebook Ads

5 Pitfalls of Not doing Business with Heather

  • Inexperienced Hire: You may end up with an inexperienced hire who doesn’t know what they are doing or have much experience in what they are doing.
  • Unspecialized Hire: You may end up with an unspecialized hire, who knows a little bit of this and a little bit of that and not succeeding in anything.
  • Loss of Time: You will lose valuable time having to train someone subsequently seeing slower growth.
  • Loss of Money: You will lose money because of missed opportunities.
  • Expense: Instead you will immediately acquire an expense instead of an asset.

What to know before hiring a Marketing Professional

Don’t be like most companies and make the mistake of hiring an unspecialized, inexperienced, and unprepared marketing person whose job duties consists of managing as many of the social media platforms as possible.

Small business owners do this, mainly because they know that social media is important to their business. However, most make the mistake of under-allocating resources to their marketing efforts which results in attracting and hiring C and D players. This typically leads to a road of frustration, stagnation, and much wasted time. I don’t want that to be you!

In turn, when you hire a specialist, someone who has experience, you are able to command the results you’re in search of.

A good social strategy not only increases engagement and interactions on your social channels, but it must also be “profitable” and generate a positive ROI for your business. Unfortunately, Facebook’s algorithm only shows your posts to less than 10% of the people who like your page. It’s turned into a “pay to play” arena.

At the same time, a good, robust marketing campaign understands that all individuals are currently sitting at different points along the customer lifecycle journey and to effectively communicate with each of them, you must speak to each of them differently – i.e. create different messages for each segment of your target market.

A strong marketing campaign always starts with the objective of successfully identifying and locating exactly who it is we intend to target. The inability to effectively do this will result in much higher costs to acquire a new patient/customer.

A complete marketing campaign consists of many different parts working together. Some of these include the videos, the ads, the webpages, and the emails to name just a few. The inability to write persuasive “copy” will also result in a lot of wasted money and time.

Technology is changing the way we do things (hence this application), and the world is not moving backward.  A proven, profitable social strategy is becoming imperative for survival.  Just ask the Hilton or the Marriott (think Airbnb), the Taxi Cab business (think Uber or Lyft), or Blockbuster (think Redbox & Netflix). Some new guy is going to come learn the new technology and he is going to take over your market.

The question now becomes, “Are you the new guy eager to take advantage of earning more market share? Or, are you the old guy that is not focused and will end up forfeiting the market share you have spent an incredible amount of time and money earning up to this point?” 

So, before you hire a Digital Marketing Coordinator, you must ask yourself if they are prepared to:

1. Actually, generate income,  instead of focusing on the number of likes your posts get?

2. Effectively speak to each point in the customer lifecycle journey.

3. Consistently generate high-quality traffic – i.e. leads that turn into sales for your business.

4.  Write copy that is persuasive and connects with people on an emotional level. (i.e. story selling)

5. Adapt and handle the ever-changing world of technology

What you can expect from working with Heather


I am educated, experienced, and ready to begin generating revenue for your business. Do not waste time and money hiring someone you will need to train and educate.  Do not hire someone who is only capable of posting, monitoring, and maintaining your online presence. As a business owner, you need someone who can immediately step in and use social media to consistently and predictably generate new leads and customers through a series of proven systems.


I am a part of TWO private groups of elite marketers that keep me abreast of the cutting edge strategies and tactics the best marketers in the world are using TODAY. This will ensure that your business is using the most current tools available, easily standing out amongst all of your competition who we know are not doing these things and are all behind the 8-ball.


With the use of advanced tools that Facebook provides, we are able to analyze what works and what doesn’t and optimize to maximize our ROI.


Instead of wondering and worrying that any strategy your new hire provides can bring a return for your business; you can relax, with certainty, knowing the strategies and tactics I set in place for your business have been proven by the best marketers in the world.

Most business owners do not know who their best customers are. They haven’t surveyed their landscape to find out, probably because they think they cannot control who they attract, and so they are eager for any and every customer they can possibly get. But, if we know who a business’s best customer is, we can use details about that customer such as demographics and psychographics to select people in the area who match that profile and invest money into marketing ONLY to those potential “best” customers.

This has you standing out from the competitive marketplace. While others are running broad and similar messages that people have ad blindness to – meaning they don’t see those messages because they aren’t tailored to them! With the new tools Facebook has created, we are now capable of targeting very specific people with ads specific to them.

So, I will ask you, do you currently have a quick, accurate, measurable system in place specifically designed to generate new customers consistently and predictably?

You see, it is no accident and there is nothing random about the fact that you are reading this right now. I specifically sought you out because your target audience living on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube, and that is my specialty!

Very few businesses are doing this right now, so something called the “First Mover Advantage” still exists. But, once everyone finds out about this new way of doing it, they’re all going to be there and it will drive the margins down.

Don’t wait! Let’s get started now!

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